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WKPX Reunion 
12:53pm 22/10/2013
  Who is going to the reunion this Saturday?

If you still have an LJ, let us know!

- Flash

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08:30pm 18/04/2009
  Hey there.. is anyone working for WKPX now watching? If so, I've got a proposal to pass on.

I'm the engineer at WRGP, the FIU radio station. You can hear us on 96.9 in North Miami Beach on a good day. Otherwise, listen in at http://wrgpstream.no-ip.org:8000/

My question is this. A former local to the area asked me on IRC if I could provide a web stream of WKPX. As far as I can tell, the NSU programs may be streamed, but the Piper High programming is not.

Would you be interested in having a stream set up? There are a couple of different ways this could be implemented. The best way would be with a computer set up to pick up the audio somewhere before the processing chain (before the Optimod-FM or similar processor). I'd be willing to help set up the software for this.

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catch up time! 
10:39pm 29/04/2008
  Seems like this community died. Everyone update and say how you've been...if you're still into radio making it your career, and so on.  

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12:50am 19/09/2006
mood: giddy
Swank came back for a surprise visit today!

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11:42pm 15/08/2006
mood: thoughtful
I really miss this class. The memories. The good BEST times.

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10:41am 22/04/2006
mood: awake
The end of the year is coming up. To some, there will be more years at Piper, and at our loved WKPX station. But for me and the rest of the WKPX seniors, there is no more.

Im sure some of us will come and visit, I know I will. WKPX has been a huge part of my high school experience. It will be something I will never forget and always be proud of.

I can only hope that the future generations of managers, directors and noobies will put in the time and energy, not to mention the love, that the past and present has done. I hope you all will take care of this old girl, and keep her running strong untill 'the man' tears her down. :D

I love WKPX and everything that comes with it. You should too.


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New local community 
01:18am 22/10/2005

Check it out if:
- You think there's nothing to do in South Florida
- You're tired of movies and malls and clubs and bars every weekend
- You give a shit about culture


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12:34pm 17/10/2005
  i swear to god i'll read your body as if it were poetry  

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11:27am 17/10/2005
  Black Dress and your eyes are telling white white lies
White white lies

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We were too "extreme" for Wednesdays... 
08:28pm 04/10/2005
mood: better.
...so Farley moved me and Lou to Saturdays.
Four hours of pain, comedy, and sex advice.
Every Saturday 3-7 PM on 88.5 FM WKPX.

Tea Time With The Graveyard Smashers = 3-5 PM
Supper Time With Frankenstein = 5-7 PM

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Dear beloved WKPX 
12:34pm 23/09/2005
  Okay, so now that I have your attention... here's my idea. I want to get everyone who is a member, former member, fan, or friend of WKPX to submit poetry. I want to take this collection and get it published in a book. If you are at all interested in it, or have any questions, e-mail me at fhrequest@yahoo.com

p.s. today is my birthday.

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when the music stops... 
01:43pm 09/09/2005
  is WKPX playing at all right now? i haven't been able to pick up a signal for about a week. what's up?  

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06:44am 24/08/2005
mood: bouncy
Wednesday is the new Friday!
3-5 = Tea Time With The Graveyard Smashers
5-7 = Supper With Frankenstein
What a lineup!
Starts today!
Catch it bitches!

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sooo im gunna be random 
10:32am 10/08/2005
mood: cheerful
I love Farley! And I don't like kids who slit their wrists....and I don't know who this person who keeps posting in here is....but I don't think I like em! =P

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my apologies 
08:34pm 08/08/2005
mood: calm
I saw that I might have stepped on a few nerves and I would like to apologize for the annoyance i have been recently, on my last post.

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Just wondering? 
07:31pm 07/08/2005
mood: muahahaha
Do any of you know fedrico?
Tomorrow i shall bring a sock puppet to school as part of my rediculasely pointless plan for world domination.

Jimmy Hendrix rules!!!!!!!!!!!

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11:34pm 06/08/2005
mood: ditzy

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08:52pm 08/06/2005
  One thing I've always loved about WKPX is the bonds that it has created. I've always felt like they were my extended family... thats 'cause they WERE. But friends come and friends go... and often times when they go, you wish they'd come back. Many of my friendships, several of which were courtesy of WKPX, have faded or ended for one reason or another. Those friendships are irreplaceable, and I fear that they will never reform either. But I guess that is how life works, and we must all move on. I have no regrets about WKPX, except that the only two places left for me to find it are in my heart and on my stereo. I will miss WKPX more than I could ever find the words to describe, and with that said, I only have one last request, keep rocking.

-The First (but not last) Frequency Hostage

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hey radio people 
05:30pm 23/05/2005
mood: crazy
I figured who better to ask than the radio kids. From a former radio kid - I'm starting an internship at the Buzz and get to go in with either
Nik Rivers- 3-7pm / 1day/wk
Ross Mahoney 7-Midnight 1day/wk

Who should I pick?

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12:33pm 12/05/2005
  WKPX Speciality Shows!


3-5pm FrequencyHostage w/GrEg (punk and emo) [re-airs Saturday 1-3pm]

5-7pm NoisePollution w/JuLiE aNd FLaV(punk) [re-airs Saturday 11am-1pm]


3-5pm DestinationNowhere w/ChRiStY (90's Alternative) [re-airs on Sunday 8-10am]

5-7pm Cruisin'Classics w/CaRiN (Oldies) [re-airs on Sunday 1-3pm]


3-5pm Sic Hop w/GeRaLd AnD cReW [re-airs Saturday 5-7pm]

5-7pm Hip-Hop Effect w/ Sid [re-airs Saturday 3-5]


3-5pm Dysthematic w/EmI aNd DaNa (Metal and Hardcore) [re-airs Saturday 7-9am]

5-7pm Not Real w/KaYlA aNd KaYe (Alternative and Comedy) [re-airs on Sunday 5-7pm]


3-5pm Blank Generation w/ToNy ToRpEdO aNd DaNnY DiShEr (classic punk) [re-airs Saturday 9-11am]

5-7pm Rock of Ages w/WuCh (classic rock) [re-airs Sunday from 3-5pm]


7-8am BreakfastWithFrankenstein w/jUsTiN aNd LuIgI (indie and emo)

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